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Blinds are the main obstacle that the player must overcome in Balatro. For each round, the player has to get enough score to beat the Blind, losing the game otherwise. Defeating the Blind may earn some reward money.

An Ante is made up of three Blinds in succession: a Small Blind, a Big Blind, and a random Boss Blind. Special Boss Blinds called Finisher Blinds only appear on the last level of a run, at Ante 8. The player can choose to take on a Small or Big Blind, or to skip one or both and claim tag(s) instead; Boss Blinds must always be played.

The score required by a certain Blind is determined by the Ante level. Generally, you start at Ante 1 and go up a level for every Boss Blind defeated.


Small Blind and Big Blind[]

Small and Big Blinds have no other effects and can be skipped to get a tag. The score required is 1x base chips for Small Blind, and 1.5x base chips for Big Blind.

On Red Stake or higher, Small Blinds will give no reward money.

Boss Blind[]

Boss Blinds are the last blind of an Ante, most of which require a score of 2x base chips. Boss Blinds have certain special effects that add difficulty to the round, for example:

  • Debuffing some category of cards. The debuffed cards, which appear with a red cross, can still make Poker Hands but won't be scored. Most effects made by holding, scoring or discarding the card, from Card Modifiers or Jokers will also be deactivated. Debuffed Wild Cards will return to their basic suit.
  • Causing some cards to be drawn face-down, making them entirely hidden before being played. A hand played including face-down cards will have its type displayed as "???"; scoring and other effects will still perform as normal. When sorting cards by rank or suit, face-down cards will still be placed in the correct order. Face-down cards can be briefly uncovered by using Tarot Cards to modify them (for example, The Empress).
  • Restricting the size or type of poker hand that can be played. Hands that don't meet the restriction can still be played, but will not be scored or activate other effects, acting like a discard.

Boss Blinds are randomly selected. Each Boss Blind has a minimum ante in which it can appear, with Ante 1 having only eight possible bosses. Boss Blinds cannot reappear in a run until all other blinds have appeared or been defeated once.

Boss Blinds cannot be skipped, but there are other ways to avoid them:

  • The Vouchers Director's Cut and Retcon enable players to reroll Boss Blinds. Rerolling on Ante 8 (or a multiple of 8) will always roll a Finisher Blind, and other antes will always roll a normal Boss Blind.
  • Luchador Luchador and Chicot Chicot can disable the effect of Boss Blinds. For blinds with an extremely high score (The Wall and Violet Vessel), the score will return to normal.

Finisher Blind[]

Finisher Blinds are a special type of Boss Blind, that appear at the end of the game (Ante 8). In endless mode, Finisher Blinds will appear again in Ante 16, 24, and 32.

Apart from their timing, they are otherwise identical to regular Boss Blinds (can be rerolled, disabled by Chicot Chicot, and so on).

List of Blinds[]

Blind Name Description Minimum Ante Score at least... earn...
Small Blind Small Blind No special effects - can be skipped to receive a Tag 1 1x base $3
Big Blind Big Blind No special effects - can be skipped to receive a Tag 1 1.5x base $4
Boss Blinds
The Hook The Hook Discards 2 random cards from your hand, after each hand played 1 2x base $5
The Ox The Ox Playing your most played hand this run sets money to $0 6 2x base $5
The House The House First hand is drawn face down 2 2x base $5
The Wall The Wall Extra large blind 2 4x base $5
The Wheel The Wheel 1 in 7 cards get drawn face-down throughout the round 2 2x base $5
The Arm The Arm Decreases the level of Hand you play by 1 (hand levels can go to Level 1, and are permanently reduced before scoring) 2 2x base $5
The Club The Club All Club cards are debuffed 1 2x base $5
The Fish The Fish Cards are drawn face down after each hand played 2 2x base $5
The Psychic The Psychic Must play 5 cards (they do not need to be scoring) 1 2x base $5
The Goad The Goad All Spade cards are debuffed 1 2x base $5
The Water The Water Start with 0 discards 2 2x base $5
The Window The Window All Diamond cards are debuffed 1 2x base $5
The Manacle The Manacle -1 Hand Size 1 2x base $5
The Eye The Eye Every hand played this round must be of a different type and not previously played this round 3 2x base $5
The Mouth The Mouth Only one hand type can be played this round 2 2x base $5
The Plant The Plant All face cards are debuffed 4 2x base $5
The Serpent The Serpent After playing a hand or discarding cards, you always draw 3 cards (hand size is ignored) 5 2x base $5
The Pillar The Pillar Cards played previously this Ante (during Small and Big Blinds) are debuffed 1 2x base $5
The Needle The Needle Play only 1 hand 2 1x base $5
The Head The Head All Heart cards are debuffed 1 2x base $5
The Tooth The Tooth Lose $1 per card played 3 2x base $5
The Flint The Flint The base Chips and Mult for playing a poker hand are halved this round 2 2x base $5
The Mark The Mark All face cards are drawn face down 2 2x base $5
Finisher Boss Blinds (only appearing at Ante 8, 16, etc.)
Amber Acorn Amber Acorn Flips and shuffles all Joker cards 8 2x base $8
Verdant Leaf Verdant Leaf All cards debuffed until 1 Joker sold 8 2x base $8
Violet Vessel Violet Vessel Very large blind 8 6x base $8
Crimson Heart Crimson Heart One random Joker disabled every hand (changes every hand) 8 2x base $8
Cerulean Bell Cerulean Bell Forces 1 card to always be selected 8 2x base $8


An Ante is made up of three Blinds. A run will always begin at Ante 1. After beating the Finisher Blind in Ante 8, the run is won, but the player can choose to continue in Endless Mode to set a personal high score. Endless Mode begins from Ante 9 and purports to offer infinite Ante levels to ascend, with additional Finisher Blinds every eight Antes, but Ante score requirements also scale much faster. Ante 16, which presents a second Finisher Blind, is the highest Ante that the game tracks in the Collection. Ante 39 is currently impossible to beat, as the base chip requirement is set to NaN - short for Not a Number - and no amount of chips will win (even with Mr. Bones Mr. Bones). Ante 0 can be reached by purchasing a Hieroglyph Voucher on Ante 1 (or Petroglyph on Ante 1 to reach Ante 0 a second time).

Green Stake and Purple Stake (or higher) will cause chip requirements to be higher. Playing on the Plasma Deck Plasma Deck doubles the Ante requirement for all stakes.

Ante Level Base Chip Requirement Base Chips at Green Stake or higher Base Chips at Purple Stake or higher
0 100 100 100
1 (Starting Ante) 300 300 300
2 800 900 1,000
3 2,000 2,600 3,200
4 5,000 8,000 9,000
5 11,000 20,000 25,000
6 20,000 36,000 60,000
7 35,000 60,000 110,000
8 (Finisher Blind) 50,000 100,000 200,000
Endless Mode
9 110,000 230,000 460,000
10 560,000 1,100,000 2,200,000
11 7,200,000 14,000,000 29,000,000
12 300,000,000 600,000,000 1,200,000,000
13 47,000,000,000 94,000,000,000 1.8e11
14 2.9e13 5.8e13 1.1e14
15 7.7e16 1.5e17 3.0e17
16 (Finisher Blind) 8.6e20 1.7e21 3.4e21
Untracked Endless Mode
17 4.2e25 8.4e25 1.6e26
18 9.2e30 1.8e31 3.7e31
19 9.2e36 1.8e37 3.7e37
20 4.3e43 8.6e43 1.7e44
21 9.7e50 1.9e51 3.8e51
22 1.0e59 2.1e59 4.2e59
23 5.8e67 1.1e68 2.3e68
24 (Finisher Blind) 1.6e77 3.3e77 6.6e77

A calculator for even higher antes can be found here.


  • The names Small Blind, Big Blind, and Ante are based on poker terminology.
  • The symbols and names of most of the Boss Blinds are based on the letters of the Phoenician alphabet. The sole exception is The Flint, which is an original creation by the developer.
  • The symbols and names of the five Finisher Blinds are based on alternate playing card suits: Hearts, Bells (replaces Diamonds in German decks), Acorns (replaces Clubs in German decks), Leaves (replaces Spades in German decks), and Vessels (replaces Hearts in Italian and Spanish decks).

In other languages[]

Small Blind
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 小盲注
Chinese (Traditional) 小盲注
Dutch Small blind
French Petite Blinde
German Small Blind
Indonesian Small Blind
Italian Piccolo buio
Japanese スモールブラインド
Korean 스몰 블라인드
Polish Mała w ciemno
Portuguese (Brazilian) Small Blind
Russian Малый блайнд
Spanish (Spain) Ciega pequeña
Spanish (Latin America) Ciega pequeña
Big Blind
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 大盲注
Chinese (Traditional) 大盲注
Dutch Big blind
French Grosse Blinde
German Big Blind
Indonesian Big Blind
Italian Grande buio
Japanese ビッグブラインド
Korean 빅 블라인드
Polish Duża w ciemno
Portuguese (Brazilian) Big Blind
Russian Большой блайнд
Spanish (Spain) Ciega grande
Spanish (Latin America) Ciega grande

Boss Blinds

The Hook
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 钩子
Chinese (Traditional) 鉤子
Dutch De haak
French L'hameçon
German Der Haken
Indonesian The Hook
Italian L'uncino
Japanese フック
Polish Hak
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Gancho
Russian Крюк
Spanish (Spain) El garfio
Spanish (Latin America) El garfio
The Ox
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 公牛
Chinese (Traditional) 公牛
Dutch De os
French Le bœuf
German Der Ochse
Indonesian The Ox
Italian Il bue
Japanese 雄牛
Korean 황소
Polish Wół
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Touro
Russian Буйвол
Spanish (Spain) El buey
Spanish (Latin America) El buey
The House
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 房屋
Chinese (Traditional) 房子
Dutch Het huis
French La maison
German Das Haus
Indonesian The House
Italian La casa
Polish Dom
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Casa
Russian Дом
Spanish (Spain) La casa
Spanish (Latin America) La casa
The Wall
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 围墙
Chinese (Traditional) 高牆
Dutch De muur
French Le mur
German Die Mauer
Indonesian The Wall
Italian Il muro
Polish Mur
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Muro
Russian Стена
Spanish (Spain) El muro
Spanish (Latin America) El muro
The Wheel
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 车轮
Chinese (Traditional) 巨輪
Dutch Het rad
French La roue
German Das Rad
Indonesian The Wheel
Italian La ruota
Japanese ホイール
Korean 바퀴
Polish Koło
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Roda
Russian Колесо
Spanish (Spain) La rueda
Spanish (Latin America) La rueda
The Arm
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 手臂
Chinese (Traditional) 手臂
Dutch Het wapen
French Le bras
German Der Arm
Indonesian The Arm
Italian Il braccio
Polish Ramię
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Braço
Russian Рука
Spanish (Spain) El brazo
Spanish (Latin America) El brazo
The Club
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 梅花
Chinese (Traditional) 梅花
Dutch De klaver
French Le club
German Das Kreuz
Indonesian The Club
Italian Il fiore
Japanese クラブ
Korean 클럽
Polish Klub
Portuguese (Brazilian) Paulada
Russian Трефа
Spanish (Spain) El garrote
Spanish (Latin America) El garrote
The Fish
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
Dutch De vis
French Le poisson
German Der Fisch
Indonesian The Fish
Italian Il pesce
Korean 물고기
Polish Ryba
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Peixe
Russian Рыба
Spanish (Spain) El pez
Spanish (Latin America) El pez
The Psychic
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 灵媒
Chinese (Traditional) 靈媒
Dutch De helderziende
French Le médium
German Der Hellseher
Indonesian The Psychic
Italian Il medium
Japanese サイキック
Korean 심령술사
Polish Medium
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Psíquico
Russian Экстрасенс
Spanish (Spain) El psíquico
Spanish (Latin America) El psíquico
The Goad
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 挑衅
Chinese (Traditional) 鞭策
Dutch De aansporing
French L'aiguillon
German Der Ansporn
Indonesian The Goad
Italian Il pungolo
Japanese ゴアド
Korean 자극
Polish Oścień
Portuguese (Brazilian) Aguilhão
Russian Побуждение
Spanish (Spain) La provocación
Spanish (Latin America) La provocación
The Water
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional) 清水
Dutch Het water
French L'eau
German Das Wasser
Indonesian The Water
Italian L'acqua
Polish Woda
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Água
Russian Вода
Spanish (Spain) El agua
Spanish (Latin America) El agua
The Window
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 窗口
Chinese (Traditional) 窗戶
Dutch Het raam
French La fenêtre
German Das Fenster
Indonesian The Window
Italian La finestra
Korean 창문
Polish Okno
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Janela
Russian Окно
Spanish (Spain) La ventana
Spanish (Latin America) La ventana
The Manacle
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 镣铐
Chinese (Traditional) 手銬
Dutch Boeien
French Les menottes
German Die Handfessel
Indonesian The Manacle
Italian La manetta
Japanese 手枷
Korean 수갑
Polish Kajdany
Portuguese (Brazilian) As Algemas
Russian Кандалы
Spanish (Spain) El grillete
Spanish (Latin America) El grillete
The Eye
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 眼睛
Chinese (Traditional) 眼睛
Dutch Het oog
French L'œil
German Das Auge
Indonesian The Eye
Italian L'occhio
Polish Oko
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Olho
Russian Глаз
Spanish (Spain) El ojo
Spanish (Latin America) El ojo
The Mouth
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 嘴巴
Chinese (Traditional) 嘴巴
Dutch De mond
French La bouche
German Der Mund
Indonesian The Mouth
Italian La bocca
Polish Usta
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Boca
Russian Пасть
Spanish (Spain) La boca
Spanish (Latin America) La boca
The Plant
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 植物
Chinese (Traditional) 星球
Dutch De plant
French La plante
German Die Pflanze
Indonesian The Plant
Italian La pianta
Japanese プラント
Korean 행성
Polish Roślina
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Planta
Russian Цветок
Spanish (Spain) La planta
Spanish (Latin America) La planta
The Serpent
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 巨蟒
Chinese (Traditional)
Dutch Het serpent
French Le serpent
German Die Schlange
Indonesian The Serpent
Italian Il serpente
Japanese サーペント
Polish Wąż
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Serpente
Russian Змей
Spanish (Spain) La serpiente
Spanish (Latin America) La serpiente
The Pillar
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 支柱
Chinese (Traditional) 支柱
Dutch De pilaar
French Le pilier
German Die Säule
Indonesian The Pillar
Italian Il pilastro
Korean 기둥
Polish Filar
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Pilar
Russian Столп
Spanish (Spain) El pilar
Spanish (Latin America) El pilar
The Needle
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional) 細針
Dutch De naald
French L'aiguille
German Die Nadel
Indonesian The Needle
Italian L'ago
Japanese ニードル
Korean 바늘
Polish Igła
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Agulha
Russian Игла
Spanish (Spain) La aguja
Spanish (Latin America) La aguja
The Head
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 头部
Chinese (Traditional) 頭顱
Dutch Het hoofd
French La tête
German Der Kopf
Indonesian The Head
Italian La testa
Korean 머리
Polish Głowa
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Cabeça
Russian Голова
Spanish (Spain) La cabeza
Spanish (Latin America) La cabeza
The Tooth
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 牙齿
Chinese (Traditional) 尖齒
Dutch De tand
French La dent
German Der Zahn
Indonesian The Tooth
Italian Il dente
Korean 이빨
Polish Ząb
Portuguese (Brazilian) O Dente
Russian Зуб
Spanish (Spain) El diente
Spanish (Latin America) El diente
The Flint
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 燧石
Chinese (Traditional) 燧石
Dutch De vuursteen
French Le silex
German Der Feuerstein
Indonesian The Flint
Italian La selce
Japanese フリント
Korean 부싯돌
Polish Krzemień
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Pederneira
Russian Кремень
Spanish (Spain) El pedernal
Spanish (Latin America) El pedernal
The Mark
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 标记
Chinese (Traditional) 標記
Dutch Het teken
French La marque
German Die Marke
Indonesian The Mark
Italian Il marchio
Japanese マーク
Korean 가면
Polish Cel
Portuguese (Brazilian) A Marca
Russian Знак
Spanish (Spain) La marca
Spanish (Latin America) La marca

Finisher Boss Blinds

Amber Acorn
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 琥珀之实
Chinese (Traditional) 琥珀橡果
Dutch Amberkleurige eikel
French Gland ambre
German Bernsteineichel
Indonesian Amber Acorn
Italian Ghianda d'ambra
Japanese 琥珀色のドングリ
Korean 호박색 도토리
Polish Bursztynowy żołądź
Portuguese (Brazilian) Semente Dourada
Russian Янтарный желудь
Spanish (Spain) Bellota ambarina
Spanish (Latin America) Bellota ambarina
Verdant Leaf
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 翠绿之叶
Chinese (Traditional) 翠綠樹葉
Dutch Groen blaadje
French Feuille verte
German Grünes Blatt
Indonesian Verdant Leaf
Italian Foglia verde
Japanese 青々とした葉
Korean 심록색 잎사귀
Polish Zielony liść
Portuguese (Brazilian) Folha Verdejante
Russian Зеленый лист
Spanish (Spain) Hoja verde
Spanish (Latin America) Hoja verde
Violet Vessel
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 靛紫之杯
Chinese (Traditional) 紫羅蘭花器
Dutch Violet vat
French Vase violet
German Violette Hülle
Indonesian Violet Vessel
Italian Contenitore violetto
Japanese バイオレットベッセル
Korean 보라색 술잔
Polish Fioletowe naczynie
Portuguese (Brazilian) Recipiente Roxo
Russian Фиолетовый сосуд
Spanish (Spain) Contenedor violeta
Spanish (Latin America) Contenedor violeta
Crimson Heart
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 绯红之心
Chinese (Traditional) 緋紅之心
Dutch Karmozijnrood hart
French Cœur écarlate
German Purpurrotes Herz
Indonesian Crimson Heart
Italian Cuore cremisi
Japanese クリムゾンハート
Korean 진홍색 술잔
Polish Szkarłatne serce
Portuguese (Brazilian) Coração Rubro
Russian Багровое сердце
Spanish (Spain) Corazón carmesí
Spanish (Latin America) Corazón carmesí
Cerulean Bell
Language Name Notes
Chinese (Simplified) 蔚蓝之铃
Chinese (Traditional) 蔚藍鐘
Dutch Azuurblauwe bel
French Cloche céruléenne
German Himmelblaue Glocke
Indonesian Cerulean Bell
Italian Campana cerulea
Japanese セルリアンベル
Korean 하늘색 종
Polish Modry dzwonek
Portuguese (Brazilian) Sino Cerúleo
Russian Лазурный колокольчик
Spanish (Spain) Campana cerúlea
Spanish (Latin America) Campana cerúlea

Antes (pre-release demos)[]

The base values of each Ante for Normal difficulty during the pre-release demos were:

Ante Base
1 300
2 800
3 2,800
4 7,000
5 14,000
6 25,000
7 45,000
8 80,000
9 130,000
10 220,000